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Governments, civil society organisations and companies across the world are actively engaging with open data: publishing and using datasets to promote innovation, development and democratic change.

The Open Data Research network has been established to connect researchers from across the world working to explore the implementation and impact of open data initiatives. It is a joint project of IDRC and the Web Foundation, and is seeking to develop wider partnerships over the coming year.

The network currently hosts the 'Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Development Countries (ODDC)' programme.

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Sharing ODDC updates in Montreal

ODDC Coordinator Tim has been in Montreal this week for the Developers for Development hackaton and confernce, taking part in a panel today on Impact of Open Data in Developing Countries. Below are Tim's slides and notes from his talk. A version of this presentation was also given by Web Foundation CEO Anne Jelema at the Data and Accountability for the Post-2015 Development Framework event in New York.

Open LGU Research Team presents research findings in Good Governance Summit

The Open LGU Research Team presents initial findings of its research “Opening the Gates: Will Open Data Initiatives Make Local Governments in the Philippines More Transparent?” in the recently concluded Good Governance Summit held at the Philippine International Convention Center last 15-17 January 2014.  The summit, sponsored by the Philippine Government featured the initi

Opening the Cities: The Case Of The City Of Buenos Aires And Some Other General Reflections On Open Government Data Initiatives

Over the past two decades the way in which individuals access government information has changed. The principles behind Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation and Open Government Data (OGD) initiatives are similar, however the tools and the formats in which that information is published have varied. Open Government Data initiatives introduce a new way to access and use the data produced and held by governments.