Get the data: Open Data Barometer 2013

The Open Data Barometer is a piece of open research. All the data gathered to create the Barometer is published under an open license, and we have sought to set out our methodology clearly, allowing others to build upon, remix and reinterpret the data we have collected. Data collected for the Barometer is the start, rather than the end, of a research process and exploration.

You can find summary data from the Open Data Barometer 2013 Global Report here, and more detailed datasets for secondary analysis below. Data from future reports will be available at

Quantitative data release

With the launch of the Open Data Barometer report (PDF) we have published a collection of datasets:



Open Data Barometer - Research Handbook.pdf

The detailed research handbook providing the full text of questions and source guidance used in the expert-survey.


The calculated components and sub-indexes of the 2013 Open Data Barometer.


All input variables included in the Open Data Barometer, their source and definition


Peer-reviewed numerical scores assigned to each primary data variable collected for the Open Data Barometer.


Validated and weighted dataset assessments; one row per dataset per country.


Primary and secondary data, along with calculations and final index values.

All data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Attribution License. Please cite the Open Data Barometer: 2013 Global Report and include a link to when re-using the data. Better still, get in touch to let us know about any re-use or analysis you have made. E-mail or join our Linked In discussion space.

This data is also archived with the Zendo research data archive for long-term presevation.


Please note, page 37 the report incorrectly states that sub-indexes are equally weighted in the final calculation. In the 2013 report implementation was weighted at 60%, with readiness and impact both at 20% each.