Open Data Barometer: 2013 Global Report

The Open Data Barometer takes a multidimensional look at the spread of Open Government Data (OGD) policy and practice across the world. Combining peer-reviewed expert survey data and secondary data sources, the Barometer explores countries readiness to secure benefits from open data, the publication of key datasets, and evidence of emerging impacts from OGD.

The second edition of the Open Data Barometer will be released in early 2015 by the World Wide Web Foundation.

Get the data: Open Data Barometer 2013

The Open Data Barometer is a piece of open research. All the data gathered to create the Barometer is published under an open license, and we have sought to set out our methodology clearly, allowing others to build upon, remix and reinterpret the data we have collected. Find out more and download the available datasets...

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We aim for the Open Data Barometer to become an regular study, checking against the baseline captured in the 2013 study. If you would like to hear about opportunities to take part in Barometer research in 2014, then you can register your details now.

Explore the data: Interactive Charts